Dr. Nancy Dreyfus – www.NancyDreyfus.com – returned to the program. In March she and Dr. Diana focused on her groundbreaking book TALK TO ME LIKE I’M SOMEONE YOU LOVE. The bridge to this show is that it’s extra challenging to reach out and connect when sexual vulnerability is present. Sexual pain, often described as vulvodynia (www.nva.org), makes intercourse painful and leaves many women feeling stoic and ashamed. Dr. Nancy spoke of her own vaginal pain and the spiritual path that ensued. What do women want? Nancy Dreyfus who shared her experience from wound to wisdom stated: Women want to feel let in…by a man who is willing to be vulnerable. The woman needs to listen and respect if he says he needs to be temporarily in his “cave,” for example. This show is jam-packed with insights and excellent information – for women and the partners who love them!

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