In the tantric-yoga tradition, sex is the life energy that flows through the body and its energy centers (chakras) – heart, head, pelvis and so on.  Dr. Diana spoke with David and Rebecca about yoga and sexuality – as well as about their experience being filmed by the SINCLAIR INSTITUTE for the recent DVDs “12 Ways to Boost your Libido” and “10 Ways to go Longer and Stronger.”  This very enlightened, articulate couple gave tips about the benefits of tantra/yoga -- including focus on the woman’s well-being, sometimes called the Goddess array.  Dr. Diana’s lover says it well, “Worship your woman and the Goddess will reward you!”  Breathing, energy orgasms, the yoni massage, and delayed ejaculation were some of the topics covered.  By performing in the SINCLAIR videos, David and Rebecca have helped others.  You, too, will be helped by listening to this show!  Tomorrow, Dr. Diana and her guests will be on a free SINCLAIR webinar, 7-8 EST.  Go to for the details.

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