What is Somatic Sex Coaching?  This topic is rarely discussed or fully understood. The expert is Dr. Charlie Glickman (www.makesexeasy.com) a sex and relationship coach, a sexuality educator, and a sexological bodyworker. His clients often need to break through the emotional barriers that have to do with sex. The others have to do with expanding pleasure and experimentation. With Dr. Charlie, there’s no kissing, oral sex, or penetration, and if he manually stimulates you, he uses a glove. All touch is one-way. Trauma is stored in the body, and there are triggers around touch that produce fight, flight, or freeze. Dr. Charlie observes that the better one is at receiving pleasure, the better he or she is at sex! For some men, doingmanages his anxiety. But, what is he feeling emotionally? He may not feel safe due to past sexual trauma. The same may be true for a woman, of course. Dr. Charlie will return to the program July 23rd. Tune in – and for the one in July!

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