Scott Haltzman, M.D. author of “The Secrets of Surviving Infidelity” and Dr. Diana discussed complicated issues surrounding cheating. Our culture seems almost steeped in infidelity, so much so that a jeweler ran ads showing an engagement ring with this tag on it: “Virtually eliminates cheating, since you’ll never want to take it off.” It’s enough to make one wonder: Have we reached the point where staying true to our partner is more a pipe dream than practical? Dr Scott sorted this out in the PRN interview – and more thoroughly in his excellent book. Why do men and women cheat?  Is infidelity a result of a bad marriage or an inattentive spouse? What is flame addiction? What are the four steps in ending an affair – and why is it sometimes so tough to break it off? It’s a good thing Dr. Scott will return for Part 2, May 6th, because time ran out and we only got the first two steps. Meantime, go to for more information about this brilliant, intuitive, articulate Psychiatrist!

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