Nikki Leigh, a certified Master Sexpert and Love Coach, guested for Part 2. This time we spoke of Learning to Love Yourself ( Preparing for the journey requires looking at the beliefs that are fueling obsessions – or, really, relationships to the self, families, and one’s life. Core beliefs like “I’m damaged; I don’t deserve this; love is not for me,” etc. suggest that people don’t really want to look. Too many believe that the way to get there is by judging and shaming and hating oneself. Nikki knows and teaches that the path from obsession to feelings to presence is not about healing  our “wounded child” or about feeling every bit of rage or grief we ever felt so that we can be happy. She offers an online course that will help: “Learn to Love, Accept, and Respect Yourself.” When you evoke curiosity and openness with a lack of judgement, you will align yourself with beauty and delight and love. Pleasure is a much better place to grow from!

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