Michael Castleman is one of the world’s most popular sex experts! His blog on www.PsychologyToday.com has attracted more than 35 million views, and his Q & A website www.GreatSexGuidance.com has garnered more than 2 million views. Michael, a medical journalist, has eighteen books to his credit – including two sexuality guides Great Sex (2004) and Sexual Solutions (1980). His succinct message from the beginning is this: “If you make love the way most women enjoy, you’ll suffer fewer sex problems and your partners will enjoy sex more, have orgasms consistently, and give you high marks in bed – an erotic win-win.” Besides, the man is then more likely to know the answer to the question What do women want?  We discussed many topics from his soon-to-be published “GREAT SEX GUIDANCE: The Comprehensive Guide to Lifelong Pleasure For Men and the Women Who Love Them.” The interview included a suggestion for men: eat more pussy! Also, sex is something you have to learn, no one is ever too old for great sex, the cure for premature ejaculation, and how to handle desire differences. Michael Castleman reports: “Sex is one of life’s great pleasures. It can also drive people crazy.” He wants his books to reduce confusion and misery, and enhance erotic pleasure and satisfaction. He wishes you great sex! For so much more, please listen in!

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