Michael Castleman, author of “GREAT SEX – A MAN’S GUIDE TO THE SECRET PRINCIPLES OF TOTAL-BODY SEX” – returned to the show. His website www.GreatSexAfter40.com is an excellent, interactive, informative place for allages. Dr. Diana and Michael discussed stress, anxiety and sex. For example, a foot massage is great because all major nerve lines converge in the feet! They also talked about sex and humor/laughter. Yes, PLAY! Humor has detoxifying and defusing abilities that go a long ways to keeping relationships intact. Nowhere is humor more necessary than in the bedroom! The immune system can be boosted by good sex – raising the levels of endorphins. Keeping your relationship healthy can be a laughing matter! They also discussed sex toys and how some men find them competition; whereas, they can be a friend – a friend who doesn’t ever get tired. Vibrators can’t kiss or hold a woman, and some women need the added stimulation to reach orgasm. Finally, they talked about penis size, making peace with one’s penis, and positions to play with. Men hung up on penis size don’t understand good sex. Listen, please, for lots of additional information!  

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