Howie Gordon, a.k.a. Richard Pacheco, returned for Part 2. He and Dr. Diana discussed more in “HINDSIGHT.” Did his films educate men to please women? What kind of closure did he get as a result of the WORLD PORNOGRAPHY CONFERENCE – where Betty Dodson and Nina Hartley played significant roles?  Here is a part of his talk at this conference: “People were all uptight about sex, but there was no reason to be! We were like noble rogues in some divinely human struggle to make life in a body easier. It was important work! My generation tried to make lust respectable!” We discussed Howie’s life post-porn – including the documentary “After Porn Ends.” Howie and Nina have important messages here. At the end, we discussed a final chapter which looks at his 14-year-old first love, Sally. There was “forty-four years of foreplay.” Of this experience, Howie writes, “Life gave us a pass. We were the fourteen-year-old kids again. Only this time, we were not afraid of sexual pleasure. We had the benefit of knowledge and appreciation. There was no fear and there was no shame. There was consummation. There was completion.”  What a way to end this program!

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