Dr. Charlie Glickman (www.makesexeasy.com) and Dr. Diana spoke to two common concerns: checking out during sexual arousal, and learning how to receive sensual touch. If a woman can’t stop thinking about household chores or feels unattractive or can’t stand her partner’s breath, those feelings – not her biology – may be the basis of her lack of desire. No one can be in two places at once; therefore, if you want to be present during sex, you need to be in the moment and let go. Body image issues and past sexual trauma can get in the way of receiving sensual touch. Mindfulness, the practice of nonjudgemental awareness rooted in Buddhism, improves mood and reduces stress – both of which affect desire. Learning to be in the moment and ignore distractions can also help you enjoy sex more, and pleasure fuels  desire. To help you let go of distracting thoughts, focus on what feels good in your body. The sensate focus homework exercises provide an excellent vehicle for this. For a woman with low sexual desire, something going on in her life echoes through the nervous system and possibly mutes her sexual response. There are so many avenues to altering desire!

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