Dr. Paul Joannides is the author of “GUIDE to GETTING it ON” which many say is the best sex guide available today. You can find out more about this fabulous sex education book, now in its 7th Edition, by going to www.guide2getting.com.   Dr. Diana and Dr. Paul discussed what is new in sex research – including the fact that funding for pleasure is a real challenge. One of Dr. Paul’s best sex tips is for couples to listen to each other. The porn model makes this and some sexual behaviors difficult. The women and orgasms topic included the fact that the more orgasms you have, the more orgasms you’re likely to have in the future. Dr. Paul pointed out that women need to feel safe to reach orgasm…that a requirement is a harm reduction mentality. Both genders need a proper sex education and opportunity to practice so that there is a synergy of mind, body and spirit to release this very unique experience! Dr. Paul’s tip on touch is important: “Some people struggle to get fully into their bodies. Some have trouble relaxing enough to enjoy what is being shared with them sexually. Learning to massage and being massaged might help your body put down its armor.” Listening to this program could make a big difference for your intimacy! Next time Dr. Paul returns, there will be a conversation about erectile dysfunction.


Please visit his website www.guide2getting.com for a cover of his book to go along with my synopsis.

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