Dr. Nancy Dreyfus, author of the groundbreaking book “TALK TO ME LIKE I’M SOMEONE YOU LOVE,” returned to the program for the third time. The theme: NO “BODY” TO LOVE…SEX AND BODY IMAGE. She spoke of her own spiritual journey in coming to terms with vaginal pain and how she presented the news to the men in her life…a real example of the dictum that people treat you as you treat yourself…Dr. Nancy shared, ”The more comfortably and less apologetically I presented my condition, the more receptive and responsive have been my lovers.” Dr. Diana asked how does a woman’s image of her body affect her sexuality, and her relationship with her partner. She may lose her sensitivity to her partner…such preoccupation with one’s own anatomy may represent a self-defeating form of sexual narcissism. In order to love another, it’s important to respect his choice of you as a worthy lover. Have the conversation, woman to man: this is my shame, my unattractive features. He recognizes her vulnerability, does not necessarily give assurance, and says, “Thank you.”

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