Dr. Lori Buckley – www.DrLoriBuckley.com – returned to the show. This time the focus was on relighting fires in a relationship, no matter the ages. Dr. Lori’s book is “21 Decisions for Great Sex & a Happy Relationship” and can be purchased on AMAZON. A big decision is to keep going! First, have the conversation with your partner, go places and do things you’ve never done before, and then consciously bring into the relationship more romance. “Date nights” are useful where couples talk about each other, not the kids. Older people in relationships have more confidence – and this can be very romantic. Dr. Lori and Dr. Diana both narrated a sex education video “GREAT SEX for a LIFETIME” – www.BetterSex.com – and viewing volumes 1 & 2 can launch conversations. Older sexuality can be thrilling! Here there may be two experienced people who have a past, yet everything is still possible!  

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