Dr. Linda De Villers author of “Love Skills – A Fun, Upbeat Guide to Sex-cessful Reltionships” and Dr. Diana discussed more about her book. This time they spoke about body-image: sometimes it’s self-image neurosis – a way to avoid being sexual, an excuse not to abandon yourself to another. The Exercises in her book can really help with these issues. And, exercising and dancing together can also help! The two Sex Docs went on to shopping with your partner. Dr. Linda appreciates the versatility and beauty of the sarong – which is covering but flowing, and easy to flick off! Sexy lingerie and dressing for sex were discussed. PLAY, be silly, don’t take yourself so damn seriously. Laugh and make each other laugh! Humor has detoxifying and defusing abilities that go a long way toward keeping relationships intact. Her book can be found on www.LoveSkills.com. Check it out!  

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