Jules Black, M.D., an internationally renowned OBGYN, is the author of “BODY TALK – An A-Z guide to women’s health” (published in Australia and not available in the U.S.). This is a book with thoughtful insight and provocative information.  Dr. Jules and Dr. Diana discussed many things – focusing on the medical and gynecological aspects of sex therapy:  dyspareunia (pain with intercourse), teaching masturbation, orgasms, sexuality and pregnancy, and HPV.  Diana heard his wonderful lecture at the WORLD ASSOCIATION for SEXOLOGY in Japan in 1995. Many of the topics came from her notes at the conference. Dr. Jules Black explained the word “obstetrics” – from the Latin word meaning “to stand before.” This is how he sees his role, an observer, helping women to birth rather than delivering their babies for them. His object is to try to do things for women, not to women! Dr. Jules is a jewel…Tune in!

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