April Masini – www.AskApril.com – returned to the program. April is an advice columnist where over 20,000 original relationship questions have been posted and answered. She is also an author: “Date Out of Your League” for men; “Think & Date Like a Man,” for women; “50 First Dates”; and “The Next 50 Dates.” Because she gets many questions from singles, April and Dr. Diana focused on some of their issues. For example, How do I get out of the “friend zone”? Her piece for YAHOO Personals “Why Nice Guys Finish Last” was referenced…The nice guy may care too much, too soon. The woman is not going to value him anymore than he values himself. Online dating, its ups and its downs were examined – along with tips for improving the process! If there is too much emotional baggage of fear, anxiety or mental conflicts, it is clear: online dating does not heal emotional pains. Psychotherapy may be necessary. Look for someone who has already done some inner work. April and Dr. Diana agreed that seeking a mate whose values and background echo your own is wise. April will return soon!

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