Dr. Hernando Chaves (www.DrHernandoChaves.com) returned to the show – and we discussed kinky sex.  Sometimes the forbidden is fabulous!  Open communication is essential in power play so that everything remains safe and fun.  Kinky sex has gone more mainstream; still, talking about the history of unorthodox sex is interesting.  Dr. Hernando is the President-elect of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality and the Conference Chair for the upcoming Western Region meeting in Los Angeles. The conference should be fascinating!  Here’s a sampling of the sessions: “Vice, Virtue and the Brain’s Pleasure Circuits,” “Sex and the Science of Mind Reading:  A Multidisciplinary Look at Empathy and Sex Drive,” “The Bonobo Way: An Alternative Great Ape Paradigm for Human Sexual Behavior,” “How Explicit Sexual Media Shapes and Reflects Desire,” and other provocative topics.  So, the meeting will explore human sexual drive, fantasy, fetish, communication and learning.  In the future, on LOVE, LUST & LAUGHTER, we’ll discuss these topics and more!

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