Stephen Snyder, M.D., author of “LOVE WORTH MAKING – HOW TO HAVE RIDICULOUSLY GREAT SEX IN A LONG LASTING RELATIONSHIP,” returned to the program. He and Dr. Diana explored these topics: Can erotic love last? – and, Why men and women don’t understand each other. The good doctor says you don’t need desire to have good sex. Slow down…it’s going to be okay. Dr. Snyder suggests spending time in bed naked doing nothing together. Mindfulness, being aware of your breathing, and of your senses may contribute to a growing arousal. Sex is all about paying attention. She may try to get his attention by showing what she has, who she is. The man, through his behavior, may show what he is capable of doing. In recent times, the power dynamic has shifted, and this is confusing for some men. There’s more, of course, in this fascinating show…Listen in! Dr. Snyder’s website is   

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