Dr. Mark Schoen is a filmmaker. His documentary “TRANS” portrays the transgendered dealing with discrimination and rejection. This is one topic in www.SexSmartFilms.com; others include aging, arousal, consent (really big now!), disability, female and male sexuality, gay and lesbian issues, masturbation, and sexual power play. The most viewed videos are: Sensate Focus Exercises, the Science of Orgasm, the True Story of How Babies are Made, the Science of Attraction, and TRANS. Mark has 430 films from 50 different countries. Watching a film and then processing it with a lover/friend/partner is important. We learn visually; therefore, new techniques and sexual approaches often improve. Sexual desire for the couple is often “jump-started” when they view sex-positive and excited couples performing in these adult videos. Dr. Mark will return January 10th to discuss his upcoming documentary “Making Love after War.” Go to www.loveafterwar.org – for a preview!

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