It’s that time of year again, when Americans baste turkeys, bake pies, and give thanks. Do you have an attitude of gratitude? My guest Dr. Richard Wagner certainly does! A former Catholic Priest and current sexologist, his views are spiritual, wise, and extremely insightful. Last year on November 5th and the 12th, we discussed his book The Amateur’s Guide to Death and Dying: Enhancing the End of Life. (Please visit the archives to hear these shows.) His more recent book is The Gospel of Kink. First we discussed the rituals for love – where a heart-felt “thank you” can be more meaningful than “I love you.” It very likely this will raise the other up – and get us out of our egos at the same time. Many relationships die from emotional undernourishment. People forget to say what they value and appreciate about their partner. Speak up! It creates good feelings, which draws us closer. The second part of the program explored BDSM aftercare. It turns out that BDSM folks prioritize sex, make time for it, accept their sexuality, and communicate openly with their partner. Dr. Wagner discusses power play where partners talk clearly about sexual parameters, limits, safe words and the like. The aftercare piece is when the partners can embrace and say thank you…It can be the transition from the personality in the scene to the day-to-day personality. There is so much more!  Please listen. Happy Thanksgiving!


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