Dr. Lori Buckley – www.DrLoriBuckley.com – returned to the program. Her book is “21 Decisions for Great Sex & a Happy Relationship” and can be purchased on AMAZON. This is the time of year to express gratitude; although, all of us would be happier if we did it every day. The happiest couples work to build positivity into their relationships.  Positive emotion is about more than just having fun – it includes gratitude, inspiration, and curiosity! Gratitude helps remind us of the good qualities in our partners. Dr. Lori’s Chapter 2 is “Cherish Your Partner,” and suggests this exercise: “I feel loved and cherished when you…” A man married forty years has this precious perspective, “The love between two people is sustained by the multiple roles of lover, partner, friend, and champion.” Yes, with more positivity and gratitude, the payoff is great: more fun, more growth, better sex, and more sustained intimacy!

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