In these sex-negative times, being a sexologist leads to a certain amount of frustration, sadness, and anger. The remedy, and my perfect guest is Veronica Monet! She is an outspoken advocate for sexual self-determination – – and has been a guest on many major media including CNN, FOX News and the New York Times. Her coaching clients benefit from a potent combination of her training as a Certified Sexologist and Anger Specialist. Her deep empathy comes from much personal work on her own sexual abuse. Dr. Diana and Veronica discussed the challenges of celebrating sexuality in the face of having experienced sexual harassment, abuse, and even rape. What steps can sexual abuse survivors take to feel safe while a self-admitted sexual predator is in the White House? In our culture, sexual pleasure is still a dangerous commodity with dangerous overtones. It might be the first thing we toss overboard during life’s various storms. We might forget that it’s as much a part of us as the need to eat and breathe. Veronica has a message of hope for those who may feel their sexual freedoms are at risk.  


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