FEMALE ORGASMS – they feel great, help you lose weight, are good for your health, and are free! Joan Price – www.JoanPrice.com – writes about this, among other sexual matters – in her books “Better Than I Expected – Straight Talk about Sex after Sixty,”  and “Naked at Our Age – Talking Out Loud About Senior Sex.”  Dr. Diana and Joan discussed orgasms at any age,  and the importance of practice – with oneself and with a partner. The more orgasms you have, the more orgasms you’re likely to have in the future! “The pleasure of living and the pleasure of the orgasm are identical. Extreme orgasm anxiety forms the basis of the general fear of life.” – Wilhelm Reich.  Dr. Reich’s idea led us into the center of letting go, possible fears, negative body image, and more. Joan Price’s idea of tracking the tingle, breathing, using fantasy, and sex toys were all examined. We need to move beyond compartmentalizing our sexual selves – reflected in Anna Freud’s observation, “Sex is something you do, sexuality is something you are…”   Orgasms help a lot with feeling sexiness in your body, mind, and spirit – so that our sexuality is more robust!


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