Halloween is tomorrow. What are adults getting out of Halloween? Some dress up as their fantasy persona. Does this impact personal sexual behavior? Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce (www.drnsp.com) returned to the program to help sort this out. Dr. Nancy is a sex and relationship author, an international speaker, and a sensuality educator. Playing out fantasies can help couples with communication, help them be more playful and adventurous. According to a study of people’s sexual fantasies, where more than 4,000 respondents were interviewed, the most common fantasy is multi-partnered sex, followed by power, control, and rough sex; novelty and adventure; taboo and forbidden sex;  and partner sharing and non-monogamy. Many experiment with these fantasies in a harmless manner – often inviting additional communication. Dr. Nancy sees fantasy as entertainment! As a teacher, she is involved with Hedonism (www.hedonism.com) – a resort that can jump-start a fading sexual relationship. Dr. Diana referred to “Nina Hartley’s Guide to Total Sex” which provides some valuable information about three-somes and more. In her chapter “Swinging: Strangers at the Party” Nina observes that by keeping an open mind, you will find out things about yourself or your partner that may surprise you. We discussed this. Dr. Nancy is a voice on Voice Americahttps://radio.thesexylifestyle.com/show/3801/the-conscious-living-show. Please tune in on November 13th for more with Dr. Nancy!

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