This is Part 2 with Sheri Winston author of “Succulent Sex Craft” –, and this time she is joined by her life and business partner Carl Frankel author of “Secrets of the Sex Masters.”  As two sex masters themselves, they are perfectly positioned to address this question: How do you keep a thriving, exciting sex life? They dispel the myth that great sex is just supposed to happen naturally; indeed, it takes practice and consciousness. The most inspiring sex is often a result of good technique, great set and setting, playfulness, a lengthy time period – but most importantly a lover who is fully present with you! The key to ecstatic sex is the ability to stay relaxed and aware in high states of sexual arousal…relaxing into the excitement, letting it spread throughout your body. Sheri and Carl recommend breathing exercises (outlined in their books), and getting out of one’s head and into one’s body. Expanded orgasms for women and for men were discussed – as well as solo sex sessions. These enlightened guests – high in sexual intelligence – encourage you  to become a clear channel about sex in order to fully claim your erotic birthright!  This is a program where you will want to take notes!


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