Dr. Tami Meraglia, M.D. (www.DrTami.com and www.VitalityMediSpa.net) is a double board certified physician in Aesthetic Medicine, and integrative & Natural Medicine. Her passion, experience and intelligence for her field shone in the interview with Dr. Diana. Early next year her book “The Hormone Secrets” will be published. By going to her website, you can see her FOX NEWS appearance where she interpreted a study focusing on physical attractiveness and health…Dr. Tami commented that, among other things, these folks often have less stress and thus less inflammation. Also on Dr. Tami’s website is a HORMONE QUIZ. Hormones are messengers that relay communication between the brain and the body. Based on the results of this quiz – as well as  blood tests – this inspired doc can prescribe bio-identical hormones and more. She even does telemedicine – talking with patients in other countries. Dr. Tami and Dr. Diana discussed stress, and how to turn on the relaxation response. Hormone replacement therapy and managing stress goes a long way to improving many sex lives. When sex goes well it accounts for 15% of a marriage; but when sex is bad, it’s 85%. You will learn a lot! Please listen.


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