Barbi Benton, Dr. Diana’s good friend of 20 years, discussed Hugh Hefner (aka Hef) and his legacy. Barbi was his good friend for nearly 50 years! Hef was a sexual and social pioneer who took sexuality out of the shadows and presented it as part of the Good Life. Barbi shared their good life as a couple (1968-1976), and then how they had remained friends until his death September 27th. Barbi recalled trips with Hef on the customized “Big Bunny” plane with a round bed and a shower so that, upon landing, they could emerge refreshed. They traveled to Africa, Paris, and Spain – among other places. Barbi described her man as a romantic: “He always had his hands on somebody…but, when it was me (often), I was so proud to be with him. I felt I ‘belonged.’” He also loved kissing! Diana and Barbi were at the Mansion in 2006 for “Fight Night.” It was there that Dr. Diana got to briefly talk to Hef about Dr. Helen Fisher’s work. When he started Playboy in 1953, America was a sexually sick country…the words “sex” and “pregnant” were not allowed on TV. Oral sex, contraception, and factual sex education were illegal. Barbi will always love Hef and admire how he did it his way – which, when it comes to sexuality, is exactly what he would encourage the rest of us to do!

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