Sexual abuse…sexual assault…these are difficult topics. Most of us have sexual wounds. For this program we have one of the best sexual experts – consider it a consultation with Dr. Stephanie Buehler ( Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Diana discussed how sexual abuse affects adults; for example, at the time of the molestation a girl may feel pleasure (we are hard-wired for it) – but it is often mixed with other feelings such as disgust, anger, fear, and confusion. In therapy the client gets to sort out what happened, why they’re having the reactions they’re having, and what their triggers might be. If the victim can tell someone immediately what happened, if she is believed, and if the person she tells is supportive and affirms she did not cause the abuse – the outcome may be less traumatic. What about the partner? Most have deep feelings of outrage, shame, and guilt to work out. Sensual loveplay, especially massage, may be ideal before she is ready for lovemaking. For some men it may be difficult to stop at the sensual without becoming sexual. Appreciating sensuality apart from sexuality is a crucial ingredient of problem-free lovemaking! It is important to seek help as soon as possible (from a trained therapist) so that potential opportunities for pleasure and intimacy can be fulfilled!


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