Sex Gets Complicated During the Pandemic” is the CNN Health headline. The article was posted on Monday September 14, 2020, and features Dr. Diana and her sex advice book Love in the Time of Corona. The wonderful and articulate Dr. Carol Queen joined the program again. She is the Good Vibrations Staff Sexologist and the author of three books. The most recent is The Sex and Pleasure Book. The sex docs discussed non-sexual/sensate focus/full body caressing exercises. Dr. Carol is an expert on erotic talk: what do you want to say? (Narrate the plots of erotic stories; reminisce about a past sexy encounter; make requests to do specific sexual things). Furthermore, how do you want to say it? (Make a list of your preferred terms for erogenous body parts, and sex acts).


The CNN article notes that some are having more intimate, fun sex, and pushing boundaries. One way to do this is to introduce new and different sex toys. The sex toy industry reports a 250% spike in sales, selling more than 1 million toys since March! Dr. Diana’s advice for men in heterosexual relationships is to make friends with the toys. Some men are threatened or intimidated: “Why do you want or need a sex toy except to masturbate?” It’s fun to learn how to use different toys, especially in combination with other ways to stimulate her with your mouth, your hands, and your penis. Dr. Carol and Dr. Diana discussed how multiple points of stimulation can enhance the intensity of the orgasm even more! (Google “trigasm.”) These are great ways to reconnect with your partner. This pandemic is a stressful time, but you know what? It doesn’t have to be so stressful on your relationship.

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