Great sex is not about technique. It’s about integrating your head, heart and spirit with your genitals. Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce ( returned to the program to help sort this out. Next month, September 16th, she will be a speaker at Catalystcon ( Her topic: “Sexy Doesn’t Have An Expiration Date.” Dr. Diana interviewed Dr. Nancy, covering the following topics: How do we define sexy and why is it even important? What happens to us when we don’t feel sexy? (Depression, health issues). She does some Myth Busting – namely, SEXY IS A LOOK OR SIZE; YOU CAN’T BE SEXY OVER 50; YOU CAN’T BE SEXY AND A GRANDMOTHER; IT’S NATURAL TO LOSE INTEREST IN BEING SEXY AS YOU AGE. Good sex is not about how your body looks or how you position it. It’s about your frame of mind and the emotional connection with your partner. Many older women are able to say what they want, no longer apologizing for their eroticism. The enjoyment of sex is then likely to be increased! Dr. Nancy also asks, “What advice would you give to your much younger self?” Perhaps it is that instead of getting someone to love you, you want to be someone capable of loving! Or maybe it is important to maintain your sense of separateness – not always doing everything together, and understanding that the central agent of eroticism is the imagination. You must be willing to take risks, to play! As we age, many of us hope for this: with any luck, a modicum of health, and a willingness to remain open to its potential, the deliciousness of sensual intimacy can continue right to the end.

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