Sexuality and disabilities – especially for injured veterans – are not addressed or explored enough. Dr. Mitchell Tepper, an internationally recognized sexuality educator and disability expert, has collaborated with filmmaker Dr. Mark Schoen (my guest September 4th) in making a documentary “Love after War” (  We discussed the background leading up to creating the documentary, and the physicaldisabilities with the process leading to sexual self-discovery (his book is “Regain the Feeling” – Our focus moved on to the invisible disabilities caused by PTSD and depression. A former Army psychiatrist was the first to identify failed intimate relationships as the leading cause of suicide. So many relationships would benefit from having conversations about sexual performance. Often for men, and particularly for former soldiers, the problem can be laden with shame. In the end, the film that Dr. Tepper and Dr. Schoen are making is about compassionate love. Please listen for more inspiring details! 

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