Dr. Ashley Mader (www.OurShine.org) and Dr. Diana explored the connection between cannabis and sex, and whether cannabis might be right for you, the risks and rewards, and some dos and don’ts. In Dr. Diana’s book Love in the Time of Corona, the value of being silly, playful, and in the moment are keys to a more enjoyable sensual and sexual connection with your partner. Of course, you don’t have to be high on cannabis to act silly or playful, but it can help some people to loosen up. It’s important to know the law and practice informed consent. In Dr. Ashley’s practice in Massachusetts she has clients from 18 to 80 years of age, and more than half of them use pot in some form – for pleasure, for sleep, to alleviate anxiety/stress, and for medicine, perhaps to relieve pain. She mentioned a study by Dr. Becky Lynn, St. Louis University, where women reported better orgasms when high. This can serve to strengthen the couple’s bond. The feelings of euphoria generated by cannabis often lead to a sense of playfulness and may lower inhibitions, allowing for your playful self to emerge. This can be a journey of discovery: there is no set pathway for learning how to navigate this new territory; there is no destination to aim for. The bottom line is that sex is fun … it’s adult playtime for pleasure-positive experiences! There is more at www.DearDrDiana.com.

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