David Steinberg is a Master of Erotic Art – in more ways than one! www.DavidSteinberg.us This year he has been designated by the Seattle Erotic Art Festival (www.SeattleErotic.org), SEAF, to receive an award to commemorate an artist who has made a meaningful contribution to the history and development of erotic art.  His beautiful book “EROTIC by NATURE” is available on Amazon.  On today’s show Dr. Diana and David focused onOVERCOMING SEXUAL SHAME (also a workshop he will give on Sunday, June 17th at Noon at SEAF).  As we resolve sexual shame, we are better able to experience greater intimacy.  As David states, most of us learned that our sexual feelings and desires were wrong – too weak, too strong, inappropriate, immoral, unnatural, misdirected. We also talked about his photographs of people with disabilities and their sexuality.  These folks are often ignored, ridiculed, and fetishized by mainstream culture. Once again, this program wants to empower you to take actions that will lead toward healing, toward creating the intimate and erotic relationships you deserve!

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