Veronica Monet, a relationship and sexuality coach – – returned to the program. Dr. Diana and Veronica explored codependency and body shame in more depth – having touched on these subjects May 9th. There are common misunderstandings about codependency; actually, it is more than being needy, dependent. The codependent patterns may include people pleasing and being a control freak. Future codependents naturally feel comfortable in relationships in which their needs are secondary or ignored, while feeling compelled to take care of someone else. Consequently, they will gravitate toward narcissistic or selfish people. To begin healing, assertive skills and healthy boundaries are necessary. Who am I? What do I need? Body shame was discussed in the second half of the show. How does a woman’s image of her body affect her sexuality – and her relationship with her partner? “Self-image neurosis” is often a way to avoid being sexual, an excuse not to abandon herself to another. She may lose her sensitivity to her partner and forgo pleasure. What to do about poor body image? A woman must cultivate the ability to appreciate her uniqueness, and start to see “imperfections” as endearing distinctions. Many people believe that self-hatred is a catalyst for change…What is necessary is to be deliberately  kind to oneself. Visit The Shame Free Zone because in about a week Veronica’s formula for Your Guide to Exquisite Partnership will be posted.  

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