Post-Pandemic Relationship Repair


As more and more folks are fully vaccinated, we are beginning to emerge from our quarantine bubbles. Some are finding that forced togetherness has revealed underlying problems in their relationship. Many need a sexual recharge!  Michael Castleman, author of Sizzling Sex for Life, is the person to help sort out sexual issues. He has been dubbed “the world’s most popular sex writer.” Michael has answered more than 12,000 questions over the past 40 years, most recently on his Psychology Today “All About Sex” blog as well as on his website In the past he wrote for the Playboy Advisor.


What makes Michael’s sex book so fantastic is that it is comprehensive and evidence-based. He investigated research published over the past seventy years. One of more than 2,500 studies cited is this: Dartmouth scientists asked 16,000 Americans what makes them happy. Sex ranked at or near the top of the list. Moving from no sex to sex one time a week made people feel as good as having an extra $50,000 in the bank. Just think – it is easy to be happy! It’s right at your fingertips, because you’ll begin with lots of touching.

How can couples rewrite their sexual scripts so that connection and desire are generated? Castleman says begin with talking and touching. Reveal who you are … admit what has been especially hard since the pandemic began. Don’t jump into genital sex; rather, slow down and listen to music – six songs play while you are touching, kissing, playing.  Many say they miss cuddling while watching TV. A foot massage can be enhanced by briefly microwaving a damp wash cloth and then using it on the foot, even massaging through the fabric. Ahhhh! Later, take turns giving each other full-body massages.


Diana and Michael also discussed scheduling sex, desire differences, dressing up, body image, non-sexual affection, and sex toys. Using a vibrator is another way to play. Men who might feel intimidated need to remember that the best carpenters use power tools!


Finally, life is unpredictable. Don’t suppress or postpone your true desires. Michael Castleman’s Sizzling Sex for Life is your road map.

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