Stephen Snyder, M.D., author of “LOVE WORTH MAKING – HOW TO HAVE RIDICULOUSLY GREAT SEX IN A LONG LASTING RELATIONSHIP,” joined the program for Part 2. This time he and Dr. Diana discussed his Chapter 10 “Why Women Lose Interest in Sex” and Chapter 11 “Why Men Go Missing in Bed.” For a woman a serious sex-knot is feeling that something is wrong with her and so she has sex out of obligation. Dr. Snyder observes that people need acceptance more than they  need sex. His definition of intimacy is expressed by you and me in a sentence with a feeling. Female sexuality is often contextual, and she wants her partner to ignite her desire. She doesn’t want to be forced, but she wants him to help take her outside herself. Practicing being in the moment – mindfulness – often improves female desire. As for men, they need to feel welcomed, and they are sensitive to criticism. He feels criticized, so he withdraws. Now she is even more angry, and he withdraws further. Rather than confront relationship conflict head-on, many men hold their feelings inside. For some, excessive porn use accompanied by masturbation can lead to difficulty becoming aroused “in real life.” Healthy, loving relationships are built on mutual caretaking. Helping one’s partner feel wanted and attractive is an essential part of feeling connected emotionally. Dr Snyder’s website is  

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