Jill Angelo, Genneve CEO (www.Genneve.com), interviewed Dr. Diana on the subject of Aging, Sexuality and Menopause. Jill started Genneve because she was committed to creating quality products and wanted to foster a community where women can find information, conversation, and inspiration. This show contributed to those goals! A woman’s lack of interest can be both physically and emotionally inspired. Dr. Diana spoke of solutions; she knows about them personally and professionally. BHRT (Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy) can help, so can talk therapy, and so can quality products like those produced at Genneve. Jill asked Dr. Diana how she addresses women who ask, “Is this it? Am I done? Is my life as a sexual being finished?” There was also a discussion about how sex can be very good for our health! And, what about sexual pain and body-image problems? These concerns – and more – were explored. Dr. Diana wants to see her clients restore emotional intimacy and reach their full sexual potential…Indeed, sex matters! Genneve’s products can help a lot: go to their website, or to AMAZON, or to Walgreens.com. The goal is to treat the whole woman and the relationship!

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