Cannabis for Couples on 4/20


Dr. Jordan Tishler, MD, is a cannabis specialist. Today is 4/20 – so he is the perfect guest! Dr. Tishler graduated from both Harvard College and Harvard Medical School. What are some of the positive effects of using cannabis to enhance sex? There is a heightened sensitivity on emotional and physical levels. What about pitfalls? A small percentage of users consume too much and become dependent. When compared to overuse of alcohol, cannabis offers many health benefits. Alcohol can cause bleeding ulcers and cognitive decline, just to name two negatives. Dr. Tishler claims that cognitive function can get better with cannabis use, and there aren’t all the health problems associated with abuse of alcohol.


Any medical contraindications for cannabis use? Not many. If a man has heart disease and has pot and sex with someone other than his regular partner, he puts himself at a heightened risk for a heart attack. We discussed recommended methods and dosage for beginners. Also, how important is “set and setting” when using cannabis? A warm, safe place provides comfort because everything is amplified when high. The “stoner stigma” stereotype is gradually being replaced by healthier models.


More good news: the federal prohibitions on cannabis are likely to be eased under the Biden Administration. Dr. Tishler coaches people who want to dip a toe in the (cannabis) water. Go to where all appointments are virtual; Dr. Tishler helps patients around the world.  Additional cannabis information is found on my website where you can sign up for a free BONUS CHAPTER “Cannabis for Couples.” Listen to the show because Dr. Tishler offers lots of information, and he knows that pot can make you silly, playful and can put you in the moment. Happy 4/20 Day everybody!

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