David Steinberg author of “This Thing We call Sex” knows that sex is who we are, how we live – and how we experience desire, yearning, joy, and life! His book is a collection of his writings on sex and gender – documenting the American sexual landscape from teenage sexuality to Viagra, swingers’ parties to erotic spirituality, lap dancing to women’s sexual liberation, fine art sexual photography to pornography, homophobia to BDSM – visiting many sexual worlds! Dr. Diana and David discussed the Seattle Erotic Art Festival and his participation in it (April 23-25). MEN and PORNOGRAPHY is one of his Chapters, and it addresses some unresolved sexual issues – namely, sexual scarcity, rejection, and the fear of being sexually undesirable. MONOGAMY MYTHS are another chapter in David’s thoughtful book. There will be more discussion on this topic – as well as others when David returns for Part 2 on May 12th.  Please go to his website www.DavidSteinberg.us for a signed copy of his book -- or to Amazon.com.  

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