Dr. Nick Karras, author of “The Passionate High – A guide to using cannabis for better sex & creativity” spoke with Dr. Diana and her husband Bryan Brewer. The three of us had such an engaging conversation at a sexuality conference, I thought we’d do it again on-the-air!  In my practice I meet couples who complain about how the routine of their lives has left them feeling numb. Dr. Nick may have the solution: slowing down and appreciating each other – activities enhanced perhaps by cannabis. Dr. Nick observes, “I try to have my clients become more sensual first. When you are more sensual, intimacy happens and so does creativity.” His book which can be found onwww.PassionateHigh.com covers Connection & Creativity, and Setting the Scene. Sensual, empathic sex can extend your pleasure! Yes, it’s true: lighting, foods, sounds and smells may all become receptive to heightened sensation. Sensuality is characterized by full absorption in the moment-to-moment experience of the senses. Please tune-in for some illuminating information!

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