How do you navigate intimate time during the Corona Virus? Two sex therapists, Dr. Diana Wiley ( and her guest Dr. Lori Buckley (, advise that enjoyable sexual activity between partners can have a distinct beneficial effect on the mental and physical health of a couple. If you are quarantined with a partner, you have more time together – make the most of it! Yes, there are many fears and concerns at this time; but, reel it in…Turn off the news, step away from the computer, open a window and take some deep breaths. Then turn to your partner, with an open mind and a playful spirit, and make a plan for a date night at home. It begins by putting the date night and sex on the calendar. When sex is scheduled, spontaneous affection won’t be misinterpreted as an invitation for sex. Arousal, including emotional foreplay, often precedes desire, especially for women. We shared some exercises for couples who have been “out of touch” so that they can gradually re-engage in non-sexual ways. The physical foreplay can include a vulva massage. Dr. Lori’s all natural product “Luv my Vulva” can be found at Put in the code “DrDiana” for a 10% discount through the end of April. Also, explore new sex toys – especially useful for those of you who don’t have a partner. Opportunities for masturbation can be really good! An orgasm can have many body/health benefits! For everyone: be kind to yourself and stay in gratitude.  Because when you are in gratitude, you can’t be in fear.

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