Barbara and Michael Jonas, voted by PEOPLE magazine to be one of America’s Most Romantic Couples, have created many games – games that ABC NEWS proclaimed were love, laughter & romance…in a box. An Enchanting Evening (which has sold 750 thousand-plus copies) was the first. Please go to where the Jonas’s have set up their shopping cart so that you listeners can get a copy of EITHER Romantic Interlude or Make-a-Date at no cost. Use the code Wiley. Only one game is downloadable…look for the Downloadables section from the upper toolbar. These games encourage the kind of playful touch and supportive communication most couples need to re-instate so that intimacy and sexual desire can go hand in hand! Michael and Barbara will return next week for Part 2 – and their free game offer will remain for two weeks. Please listen to the show, and you will realize that “Time for Two” is one of America’s sexiest businesses. Plus, the back-story is inspirational!   

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