Carl Frankel is a writer, entrepreneur and managing director of Sheri Winston’s Intimate Arts Center ( Dr. Diana and Carl discussed one of his books “Secrets of the Sex Masters” and specifically his chapter on ENERGY SEX with Reid Mihalko. To quote from their chapter: “…when you make sex more interesting, you make life more interesting…energy sex is magical in the sense that it’s not easily explained by our rational mind…It’s literally a wonderful experience, as in – full of wonder.” Positivity is important; indeed, 40% of our happiness is in our control. You create love – it is not a state. Energy (heart emotions) precedes anatomy. “Peaking” is an exercise Carl and his partner Sheri do: it’s a “glad game”(based on a 1913 book about Polyanna) where they each find the positive emotional and heart energy. For them these are Positivity Games: micro-moments of positivity resonance. Another side benefit of energy sex: It’s a training ground for great habits and can make you more self-confident and open-minded. Energy sex can also make you a happier, better person!


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