Dr. Dudley Danoff MD, a world renowned urologist, is the author of “The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health  -- How to Stay Vital at Any Age” (www.TheUtimateGuidetoMensHealth.com). We focused on his Chapter 9 having to do with aging and sexuality. Dr. Danoff says, “You do not stop having sex because you get old, you get old because you stop having sex!” Many older men experience ED. What is the cause? Hormones? Psychological changes? Vascular problems? Heart disease? Prolonged monogamy? Or simply all the insults to the body that accrue with aging? Dr. Danoff has the answers! Some women will say, “I have some menopausal symptoms, but my husband has more! I get tired of trying to start things in the bedroom. I always thought it was me. I stopped trying because I thought it was embarrassing to him.” Erectile Dysfunction can be a huge challenge to a man’s virility and vitality. If an older man has a regular, trusted partner, he is at less risk as he ages. Most of us want emotional connection, safety, and communication. Many men did not get training for interpersonal communication. They got performance training. Dr. William Masters was asked his best advice for a man losing his potency. “Talk to your partner. Tell her you have these concerns. She’s probably concerned and afraid to tell you. Then talk to a competent sexologist about how to reactivate your bedroom scene. Communication is the privilege of exchanging vulnerabilities.” Dr. Danoff is as wise as Dr. Masters! Please listen to this program.

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