Dr. Charlie Glickman  (www.CharlieGlickman.com) is the co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure (www.prostatepleasureguide.com). This is a man who knows about prostates! There is much pleasure to be had – given some guidance and an open mind. www.MakeSexEasy.com.  Dr. Diana and Dr. Charlie explored questions about common concerns, what is the prostate, why do men enjoy prostate play, different ways to explore it, and pegging. The female G-spot is similar to the prostate, and for both genders stimulation of these spots, orgasms can be bigger, more full-bodied. We spoke about fears some heterosexual men have about receiving anal/prostate pleasure, fearing that it might make them gay. Dr. Charlie pointed out that sexual orientation is more about who you want to be with, and that’s different than what you want to do. Dr. Charlie offers a half hour free phone consultation. He has spoken to people all over the world…asking what do they want, and how to make it happen. He is a wise and knowledgeable sex and relationship coach. Tune in for more!

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