Dr. Susan Block author of “THE BONOBO WAY – The Evolution of Peace through Pleasure” and Dr. Diana enjoyed a lively interview. Her book is written in a provocative, humorous and engaging style that makes science fun and ecology erotic! Dr. Suzy weaves stories, studies, theories and fantasies into a practical path of action so that one can release one’s “inner bonobo.” (Even more on the latter when we do Part 2.) What do bonobos know about sex, war and the rest of life that we don’t? We spoke about some of those things: they have lots of sex; they never kill each other; they empower females; they stay young longer; and they live in peace through pleasure. Your human love life might be improved by listening to this program and getting Dr. Block’s book at www.TheBonoboWayBook.com. Indeed, she has a new understanding of how to enhance our intimate relationships!

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