Role play and fantasy are two great ways to get closer to your partner. For one, they involve a certain degree of trust because opening up about a sexual fantasy can be scary. And with role play, you really have to be comfortable with another person to pretend to be someone else. Carl Frankel has a chapter in his book “Secrets of the Sex Masters” called “Fantasy, Role Play and Communication.” ( Carl’s position is that no are no mind crimes; this led to a discussion about “bad” fantasies – as in unacceptable. Between a couple consent is the rule! This is where communication is so important…You may feel really vulnerable. Dr. Diana and Carl got off topic here and there: it was fun! Improv is great for anyone to do…Don’t negate your partner. Say Yes and. To quote Carl, “Fantasy and role play are wonderful personal growth opportunities if you embrace them in that spirit...Have fun with your fantasies and with the people you play with. Giggling is encouraged…but optional.” I encourage you to listen to this wise, informative program!

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