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Love Lust And Laughter - 07.22.20

Is quarantining getting you down? So many couples (and individuals) are depressed, distracted, and even angry. Couples may feel they are stuck together … but, still they want to stick together. Dr. Lori and Dr. Diana to the rescue! Besides Zooming with therapy clients, they both enjoy learning, writing, and talking about sex. It is their favorite subject and driving passion!  Sexual pleasure is healthy and helps manage stress. Dr. Diana’s new book Love in the Time of Corona has guidelines and exercises to help the couple get back on an intimacy track. Dr. Lori’s website has personally picked and tested sex toys – for her, for him, and for couples.


Two products that Dr. Lori created and developed are “CPR FOR LOVE” and “LUV MY VULVA.” CPR stands for Connection, Passion, Romance. For example, here’s a Connection card: Tell your partner three things that you like most about them. A Passion card suggests: Read erotica to your partner while they suck your toes, and a Romance card has this invitation: Take a shower or bath together with music and candles … washing each other’s hair and body. All of this might encourage communication between a couple who’ve stopped talking about sex – and then some action! The “LUV MY VULVA” is a moisturizing cream designed for sensual massage to enhance sexual pleasure alone or with a partner. Dr. Diana reports: It is a fantastic product! Dr. Lori will offer PRN listeners a 10% discount at checkout: Use discount code “CPR 4 Love”.  Listen for all the juicy, helpful details!

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Patricia Raskin has interviewed over 5,000 people including Maya Angelou, Jack Canfield and Dr. Memhet Oz. Now Dr. Diana gets to interview her! Patricia is a positive force, so it’s not surprising her internet radio show is all about positive living.  She interviewed me on Voice America three weeks ago about my new book Love in the Time of Corona: Advice from a Sex Therapist for Couples in Quarantine. This morning Patricia gave a Webinar on RESLILIENCE, and these days don’t we all wish for more resilience? Having a high tolerance for ambiguity, knowing how to calm yourself in a crisis, and having weathered adversity in the past all help in coping. FORGIVENESS. Is it harder to repair or forgive past wounds as you age? Patricia’s wise observations include separating out whose issue it was and then, what was my part? We also spoke about finding LOVE in one’s later years. Patricia Raskin is a wonderful catalyst for creating positive change!

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