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Dr. Carol Queen returned to the show for Part 2. The two sex docs had a lively conversation about yesterday’s Supreme Court’s decision affirming that workplace civil-rights protections extend to gay and transgender people. Dr. Carol reported the LGBTQ activists are thrilled! And that there seems to be a dent in people’s denial. Next on the agenda: Exhibitionism for the Shy, a book that Dr. Carol wrote some twenty-five years ago – with an updated version coming soon. Exhibitionism is a consensual erotic pleasure that can help you overcome shyness and body image issues. There are some fun exercises – showing off and exploring different styles of erotic clothing with an eye to what feels sexiest to you. Dr. Carol observes that what you look like to others is not as important as how you feel experiencing eroticism and pleasure. Dr. Carol and Dr. Diana both knew and loved Candida Royalle who died of ovarian cancer in 2015. We reminisced about Candice, and spoke about our friend Nina Hartley. Nina has been a porn star for 35 years and a video sex educator for almost as long, and wrote a blurb recommending my new book, Love in the Time of Corona: Advice from a Sex Therapist for Couples in QuarantineGood Vibrations ( is promoting Men’s Health Week – including men’s sexual health. Also, visit my new online sex advice column at Please tune in for lots of good information!


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Our nation is in crisis … This is a scary and uncertain time. Dr. Carol Queen author of “The Sex & Pleasure Book” and Dr. Diana Wiley author of “Love in the Time of Corona” have great solutions for some stress relief! Get to know your partner better and have more sex. Yes, sex is play! Besides, there are health benefits that reduce stress and anxiety.  Dr. Carol is the Good Vibrations ( Staff Sexologist. Since 1990 she has used the platform to focus on sex education and women’s pleasure … informing and inspiring sexual comfort and exploration. During the program we spoke of the power of touch – by a partner or by oneself.  Her book is a compassionate guide for everyone and is a great source for sex education. Most were not given a proper sex education in school. Can you imagine if Driver’s Ed consisted of a teacher saying, “Here’s a car. Now don’t drive it!”? Dr. Diana (her new advice column: and Dr. Carol spoke with optimism and are hoping folks will explore what’s possible. Difficult conversations between couples can be helped by both our books! Tune in for a June 16th Part 2 with Carol Queen, Ph.D.

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