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Brad Coates and Dr. Diana love to talk about romance – and have been doing it (on the radio) for more than 20 years! Brad’s title for this broadcast is: “Divergent Wants, Needs, Expectations and Desires which Men and Women Each Have for Their Romantic Relationships.”                   As a divorce lawyer, he well knows the three main causes of divorce: sex, money, and family. This show is called LOVE, LUST & LAUGHTER – so, of course we focused on “sex”! As Brad says … in divorce situations there has been either too much sex outside the marriage, or too little within it. “ Relationship ruptures” are first explained by Brad in the form of data: 60% of men, but only 35% of women, say sexual activity is important in their lives. Once again, COMMUNICATION rules! Why are many women not so interested in sex? What about the older woman and divorce? More thought provoking topics!  Brad is the author of “Divorce with Decency” – 5th Edition.

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Grace Bell, Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie – – returned to the program. Friends and colleagues, Dr. Diana and Grace have this in common: they never want to stop opening up people’s lives! Grace talked about Byron Katie’s key questions for reflection/transformation – Is it true? Can you absolutely know it’s true?  How do you react when you believe this thought? And, Who would you be without this thought? Eating disorders and sexuality issues have shame, and often sexual abuse at the foundation. Grace spoke about her recent Eating Peace Retreat where the group process was very powerful and transformative! Women say, “I don’t care if I’m peaceful…I want to be thin.” And “Bad things can happen – watch out, be cautious.” Grace demonstrated the turnaround process. Mindfulness is essential; for example, noticing what you want right now, noticing what you want to put in your mouth. “No-fault” mindful eating is eating only when hungry and eating exactly what you want, focusing on the food, stopping when full. Women often use food, eating and weight to express (or suppress) painful feelings about their lives, relationships, sexuality and gender roles. Some feel totally out of control and consumed by self-loathing. Please tune-in for some answers!

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