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The “senior sexpert,” a “wrinkly sex kitten” and a true advocate for ageless sexuality returned to the show. Joan Price – – has written many books including her most recent “Sex After Grief – Navigating your Sexuality after Losing your Beloved.”  Being sexual is a reminder that one is still alive! Others need the affirmation that they are still attractive. Even so, when one has lost a partner, often someone of many years, the journey can be complicated. Joan and Dr. Diana have both had husbands who died and know the struggles first-hand. In this book Joan describes myths about sex and grieving, solo sex (and on-the-air she offered  sex toy reviews!), massage or more (her own erotic massage), dating again, journaling, and considerations about what is next. For those with survivor guilt, Joan teaches that they are not replacing love, they are adding to love. Hopefully, there is enough love to go around! Listen for more details to his lively, informative discussion.

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Frequent guest, Sheri Winston, is fun, funny, and possesses incredible knowledge! She is the author of Succulent Sex Craft – – and Women’s Anatomy of Arousal. Today’s program focused on her latter book, specifically Chapter 4 “The Red-Hot Dance of Yin and Yang.” Sexual energy – the Yin and the Yang – have  similarities and differences. Sheri helped us to understand the differences so that we can deeply connect. Often at our core is the Yin or the Yang energy – with many having both energies, the receptive (Yin) and the Yang (initiating and directing). “Sexual pleasure in woman is a kind of magical spell; it demands complete abandon.”-- Simone de Beauvoir. Not feeling safe because of past sexual traumas can block energies and orgasm. There is so much more. Please tune in!

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